Friday, February 25, 2011

Sleeve Hunting

So, I finished the muslin for the 12/09 Burdastyle jacket last week and transferred all my changes to the pattern; I should have it on the cutting table by now, eh?

But I don't. I couldn't figure out what my reluctance was; so I tried the muslin on my puny self again...and, for your benefit, took a a couple of truly humiliating bad bathroom mirror photos.

Try to ignore the spots/streaks on the mirror (nobody cleans if mom is ailing, you know). This is the muslin, out of exceedingly unstable fabric, and some of the pull lines have been addressed in the modifications I made to the pattern, but I think the biggest problem I've got is that I. Hate. That. Sleeve.

It hangs fine, but it's so big and floppy and what's up with that huge dart anyway? This sleeve is not NEARLY fitted enough to need a dart. I shortened the sleeve and trimmed the width down on the pattern pretty substantially, but I'm not sure it will work because it still has the dart.

So...I think I'm going to embark on a little treasure hunt through my stash of Burda mags and see if I can find a dartless sleeve I can swap for this one.

*later that same day* Suddenly, the statement This sleeve is not NEARLY fitted enough to need a dart jumped out at me; I used the Palmer/Pletsch method of dart smooshing (fold the dart out and just smoosh the resutling fullness in the pattern flat) to get rid of the dart. I think I shall proceed from here. ;)


  1. strange the sleeve made it look like your arm was bent- glad you could fix it without too much trouble

  2. Yeah, there's a big bump in the sleeve due to the dart. As to the fix...well, we'll see if it works when I make the next iteration...

  3. Good for you for figuring out what was bothering you about the jacket (and listening to yourself)! I hope your fix does the trick.