Saturday, February 12, 2011

More Color Thinking

Ok, I need to publicly thank Summerset for the tip on Silk Baron.


I sat down and made a list of no less than 20 colors of dupioni that I could possibly use for the MOB dress, depending on what opinion The Princess has on it. Absolutely gorgeous stuff...and the price is pretty reasonable, too ;)

But, whilst I was thinking about dresses and colors and such, I happened to remember a piece of rayon/lycra doubleknit that I purchased on a whim a little over a year ago from an online vendor. It was listed as 'Cherry Red', but, well, when I got it I thought it was more of a 'Coral Red'; it was definitely to the orange side, which doesn't work well for me.

I put it in the stash, wondering what to do with it, and today I happened to spot a partial bottle of Rit Dye, leftover from the dyeing I did for Complete Works, and I thought, what the hey...and I overdyed that orangey red with burgundy Rit.

Oh, it is SUCH a nice, dark red now! The heat from the water probably wasn't the best thing in the world for the lycra content, but I wasn't using the fabric as it was. Now, I'm thinking I'll see if I can get it made up into Butterick 5382. If it works out, that may be my go-to dress for moderately dressy events, like afternoon weddings for which we will be minor guests (we received 2 invitations this week...)

Hey, I'm inspired...I've got a few more pieces of 'meh' colored fabric in my stash; suddenly, I have options! ;)

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  1. You're Welcome! I hope you find a color that works for everyone. Enjoy your V-Day, too!