Sunday, February 06, 2011

"...and you know what THAT means..."

Um, well, apparently not.

See, I had a nasty sinus infection around Thanksgiving, that mostly went away, then came back with a vengeance around New Years, and, with another round of antibiotic, mostly went away. But I just couldn't shake that last bit.

Dry air and all, I thought.

But a routine set of blood tests turned up an out of balance liver enzyme. I looked at the results, and thought ,'well, maybe now I can try something other than statin drugs for the cholesterol issues!' and made an appointment to talk to my Dr. about it.

Well, the first thing she said was that statin drugs do not affect that particular enzyme; it's symptomatic of another problem. So we're good with the statins. Sigh.

She continued, have we ever checked your gallbladder?

Um, that was removed back in '01.

Bone density was good at the last test 18 months ago; vitamin D is a bit low but serum calcium is good so it's probably not osteoporosis...

At that point she went and got her little reference book and looked up that enzyme and began reading down the list of things that could affect it.

It was stuff like hepatitis, chemotherapy, a bunch of drugs that I don't take...and in the middle of the list was mononucleosis.

Wait. Did you say mono? I've been having this low grade yucky stuff going on for a really long time...

Well, she did the blood test and the results came back Friday afternoon: positive for active mononucleosis.

So, my friend said when I told her, 'And you know what THAT means, right?'

Well, no, not really.

Apparently it means I'm basically supposed to do nothing for the next 2 -3 weeks. Sounds lovely...but how shall we manage that?

I've stepped out of choir for the remainder of the month, put myself on inactive on the new Bible study I just started attending, and basically am trying to figure out a way to eliminate all non essentials. Once I figure out what they are. ;)


  1. I have had mono and I feel for you as you are probably seeing all you want to do but have no energy. Sending prayers your way for improved health! :)

  2. Oh, my. Our youngest son (senior in high school) was diagnosed with mono the day after Thanksgiving, and he was only able to go to school for ONE day between Thanksgiving and the New Year. He was exhausted all the time, slept quite a bit, and lost his appetite (that's when we KNEW he was sick!).
    Take it easy, rest as much as possible, and stay hydrated. Otherwise it will linger for months. You'll be fine!

  3. Oh, no, really?!? I understand how you feel - there's already more to do than hours in the day some days. Do rest and know that this is all part of God's plan, although probably not yours. I'm praying for you.