Saturday, October 30, 2010

Not Sewing. Is. A. Bummer.

Haven't wandered near the machine for a couple of weeks now.

See, we're doing a photo directory at church and, well, somehow it landed in my office.

So, I suppose the good side is that I'm working extra and so bringing some extra cash into the exchequer...bad news is that there is no time.

It's almost like costuming a show.

My black-and-white striped blouse has had all the fusible interfacing applied, and that's where it's been. And I really need to get it made...if it fits well, I may make another one out of solid white (with the ruffles!) for our picture...which is scheduled for Nov. 15.

But before I can sew a stitch, I've got to dig my way to the bottom of Mount Washmore...we're almost completely out of clothes.

Sewin' ain't the only thing that ain't been happening...

Deep breaths. Deep breaths. We'll get through this... ;-)

Sigh. I've been looking at fabric sources...of course!...but have so far managed to not buy anything. Why add more to the stash since I can't seem to get anything at all sewn?


  1. I'm coming off a month long of no sewing myself. It's hard not having the time to do something you love doing so much. But I was able to crank out a really cool messenger bag for a friend of mine in 2 days. It was such a fun project it's got me wondering what excuse I could come up with to sew up another one. :)

    I hope you get back to sewing soon, sometimes we need it to keep us sane right?

  2. We all get sidetracked by life and behindhand when a big project takes up so much of our time. You will come back from this sewcation more infused and creative than ever! Just wait and see :)