Thursday, September 23, 2010

If You Send a Seamstress into the Fabric Store...

...she's going to want to have a look 'round to see if there's any good stuff on sale...

Actually, this represents a double haul; I had to go to BOTH Hancock's in town today; the one on my end of town was completely out of Wonder Tape, and we're having a sewing day at church tomorrow to see how much more we can get done on the Unfinished Baptismal Robes. There were not enough robes to go 'round at the last baptism service, and another lady volunteered to help sew them, so Miss A and I and our new friend Miss T are going to head to church in the morning and set up shop and see how much we can get done. I *think* there are 4 that are done to the sleeves; which means we've only got to do zippers and necklines on 6. But I can't do zippers without Wonder Tape, so...when I found that Hancock's South didn't have any, I altered my errand route to include a run out to Hancock's West. Fortunately, they had some.

But, at Hancock's South I picked up 10 yards of muslin (so I can work on the Trench Coat and the Dressy Dress patterns) and the official Hancock's coupon calendar. Oh, and some buttons, which are not pictured 'cos I already put 'em away.

Then, at Hancock's West, I grabbed the current issue of Vogue Patterns (because, you know, The Selfish Seamstress has an article there-in, and we gotta support the blogging sisterhood!) and the final bit of a ridiculously loud rayon challis print off of the clearance table....just so I have something to grab if I ever get invited to a luau. It was less than $4; it'll work.

However, I think the thing I'm most excited about is the muslin, which doesn't affect my 'fabric in' tally since I'm actually considering it a notion (That's my story and I'm sticking to it). I can really do some work on those two projects now! Er, well, after the baptism robes are done, anyway...


  1. You should so keep going with the 'if you give a mouse a cookie' line...that would have been fantastic. I was in Hancocks on University this weekend. I was happy to finally find some fabric that would suit my taste for a new laptop bag. I love Hancocks, I hate we don't have one in Virginia.

  2. Jess, I had 10 minutes to write and post that before I had to leave the house for the evening...can't be that creative under pressure like that! ;)

    Didn't know you were in town! Both Hancock's are disappointing me greatly...I can't believe we need so much FLEECE!!!

  3. They do have an abundance of fleece, which I've only used once and hated it. Though I wouldn't mind getting my hands on some sweat shirt fleece for the winters here in Virginia. :) Happy sewing when you find the time.