Monday, July 19, 2010

Head down, shoulder to the wheel, forge ahead...

Ok, so it's after midnight. What's a few more minutes to pay attention to the sorely neglected sewing blog at this point?? 'Cause I do have some things to report.

Almost a year...or maybe over a year...after first being asked to do it, we're finally getting some new baptism robes made for church. Partly because we have had a few disappear (???what's up with that??) and partly because we never had any in very large sizes and found that we do, occasionally, need some very large sizes. So we're making a few; 13 to be exact. I cut them all out on Thursday, put zippers in 7 on Friday and sewed the shoulder seams and finished the necklines in those same 7 on Saturday. I was working at church and helping my Girl's Only class student finish her tote bag (unfortunately I forgot to take my camera; no pictures yet...). I kinda figured since she needed coaching but not constant supervision I might as well work on a project, too, so I pulled out the fabric that had been ordered on sale last fall and stashed under my desk since about the first of November and set to work on the robes.

Miss A took the Larges home with her to put together; I bagged the rest and stashed 'em back in my office. For the 7 with the zippers in and necklines done, anyone with any sewing ability at all could put on the sleeves (flat), run up the side seams and turn up the hems to finish them. We'll see if I get any takers. ;) If not, I'll work on them as I get the chance. The final four are still just in pieces. But, having been cut out, the chances are good that they'll get sewn before *too* much time passes. At least hopefully before another year goes by!

It's a good thing I worked that way; as it turned out, my student needed almost twice as much time to make the bag as I'd originally allotted, so she was able to work quite a while while I was cutting out and assembling baptism robes. She finished the bag really at the end of our last available session; the arts/crafts competition that she wants to enter it in is at camp, which is this coming Thur-Fri-Sat.

That's also the camp for which The Flute Player needs her white dress. I finally got the lining cut out and whipped together this evening; it looks like the only adjustment I need to make is to take in the shoulder seam right at the neckline just a bit. I'll mark that adjustment and then cut out the main dress fabric tomorrow.

Shoot, she doesn't need it until Thursday; dunno what my hurry is...

Oh, and did I mention we're shorthanded at work this week?? Nope, probably not...

I'm off to see if I can get some good sleep for the next, oh, four and a half hours... ;)

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