Sunday, August 01, 2010

Teal Today

So, I guess I'll start a new series; I won't number the headings but they'll be linked by labels. We'll call this one 'Choir Wardrobe', and, when I make something new for choir, I'll post it. Not quite as regular as 'Choir Sundays', but it'll do for a while. ;)

Anyway, this month's colors are Teal, Brown, white and mustard yellow, with blue jeans. After a trip to Hancock's that honestly only netted thread (I confess to browsing through the Vogues...they were on sale...but the one pattern I really wanted wasn't available in my size) I came home and put together the Simplicity 3624 tunic top.

The only really tricky part was serging over the center front area on that empire seam; the gathers and the loop made it quite bulky and my serger could only chew on it....I pulled it out and trimmed it manually and then I didn't have any trouble.

I hope to get a review up no later than tomorrow evening. I like the top a lot and will likely make it again. ;)

I've got on the brown jalie 964 tank top under this. It's low, but not so low that a cami is an absolute necessity...for anything other than church choir. For choir, yeah, I need the cami. ;)

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