Tuesday, March 09, 2010

What Iron Resolve???

Just yesterday, on my way to work, I gave myself a Serious Talking To.

About how I have way more fabric than I can possibly sew in any reasonable amount of time.

About how I'm plain out of fabric storage space.

About how I need to trim expenses from the budget.

Yes, I believed. I could go without adding to the stash.

Now, that's not 'go without buying fabric'...because I was totally ok with purchasing something to be made immediately into a garment that was needed. But buying something for the stash...just because I liked it...yeah, I could hold off.

You know what happened, don't you?

I got an email from fabricdotcom this morning, with a sale. I clicked through, and found that one of the fabrics on sale is Sensuade. Now, about 8 years ago I bought a piece of lightweight black faux suede at Hancock's and have used it for trimming on a couple of jackets. It didn't ravel, it stretched slightly, and it was WONDERFUL. I have been looking in vain for more for the last couple of years. When I saw 'premium suede that will not ravel when cut,' I knew I'd found my, um, really nice grail. Specially at $9.99/yard...I think I paid $15.99/yd for the 3/4 yard piece I got way back when.

So much for not stashing.

They had listed that there were 8 yards of black left; I got an order off quick for 2 yards of it.

And, since I had been bemoaning my lack of not-sweatsuit-looking knit pants, I got some black Poly-rayon-spandex double knit so I have some pants that I can wear to the chiropractor, to physical therapy (if I have to do that again) or even just doing the back exercises at home without looking like I'm a complete slob.

That put me within $4 of free shipping, so you know I couldn't leave it at that. I have some woven shirt patterns I want to try, so I looked through the shirtings and fell in love with a vivid plaid

That was well enough for free shipping; I checked out quick before I got any more.

So, if I squeaked in before the black suede sold out, I've got 8 yards on the way.

I'm telling myself it's a little treat to make up for missing the Expo. And, since I've already sewn almost 18 yards up so far this year, I *technically* haven't added to the stash.

Right? Right??? ;)

Crossing my fingers that there was still some black left... ;)


  1. Crossing my fingers for you! I always hate when I get the email that something I dearly loved has been sold out! I have resisted the sale so far, but there are some things that peaked my interest!

  2. Totally necessary!! That free shipping thing is brilliant by the way. I always somehow am right under and need to go buy more to get the free shipping.