Friday, March 19, 2010

Tryin' to keep up!

View A is the next Gorgeous Fabrics project...I cut it out of the green silk jacquard I got in December (I think Ann still has some on her site) today and made the collar/tie and got the slit in the back faced. I also covered 4 buttons (Hancock's had NOTHING that would work) and made a skinny bias strap for button loops...the pattern calls for thread loops, but those are awfully hard to button behind your head. The button loops were a little tricky to put in; I was really working blind and had to do one of them three times. Still not terribly happy with it, but as the silk is delicate I'm not going to pick it out again. Movin' on to the tucks in the front.

I *hope* to finish it tomorrow night, so I'm still on schedule with a garment a week. But this has been a busy week and I've had to really push to get this much done. We'll see how tomorrow goes.


  1. What a gorgeous pattern! Without shoulder pads it will be a totally classic style.

  2. I've made it once before, back when it was still current, and left the shoulder pads out. The shoulders aren't, in fact, as extended as they look; but what I *did* have to do was seriously raise the underarm...I think I redrew the curves on both the blouse and the sleeves up 1 1/2" from the original...and that may still be lowish...