Thursday, March 11, 2010

First order of the year

And, well, it's ok.

I got the black sensuade...and I'd be delighted, except for one little detail.

The folks at fabricdotcom neglected to mention that this fabric has some fused-on rather sticky (as in rubber...not like honey) interfacing applied to the wrong side.

I'm not entirely sure it will work for trim applications now; the interfacing may show on a cut edge. Rats! I may just have to use it for purses/bags; I think it will be just fine for that.

The doubleknit is very nice; feels a little syntheticy to my hand, but, well, it *is* about 3/4 polyester, so I shouldn't be surprised. It will make very nice exercise/chill out pants. Actually, it'd probably make a killer little black dress, too, but I don't really *need* a killer little blac dress. I *do* need exercise/chill out pants.

And I love that plaid.

It'll definitely make a shirt that will be the one to wear when I need to be bright. ;)


  1. That plaid is so pretty!!Too bad about the suede.

  2. I think you should contact and let them know about your disappointment. You shouldn't feel like you have to be stuck with 7 yards of a fabric that is very different from what you were expecting, and is very good about turning wrongs into rights.

  3. I did send them an email, just to alert them to the issue so they can check the remaining colors of the sensuade (the black is sold out). It's only 2 yards; I can probably use it for tote bags or some such thing. It might work for binding...just not gonna work for tassels.

    I didn't ask for any kind of restitution; they didn't offer.

    Maybe I could use a faux suede vest... ;)