Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cucumber Costumes

I'm one of the teachers for the Junior High girls class on Wednesday nights at church; this being Spring Break, we decided not to have a lesson, since so many of the girls are traveling. Instead, I revived an idea from my former stint as youth group leader at our former church and we had the 'First Annual Friends Club Very Veggie Pickle Party' this evening.

It was purely coincidence that the party fell on St. Patrick's Day.

We ate Veggie pizza, watched the most recent Veggie Tales release, and had a costumed cucumber contest.

11 of the girls brought costumed cucumbers in; quite a variety (although we did have two Johnny Depp characters...Jack Sparrow and The Mad Hatter):

Actually, The Flute Player is the one who made the Jack Sparrow Cuke, with a teeny bit of help from her sister. I just told her where a box of scraps was...I was really surprised to see that she used a piece of fusible interfacing for his 'shirt'. And the vest? Gorgeous Fabrics brown rayon/lycra jersey. Too funny...

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