Sunday, March 28, 2010

Choir Sundays 2010 # 9

(sheesh, blogger's acting WE-IRD today; I moderated a comment on yesterday's post that shows up if you click on '0 comments', but isn't registered as being there; doesn't show up on the 'edit posts' page, either...well, anyway...)

March Choir Colors: Green and black w/blue jeans

It's the Lee Bootcut jeans again along with my black poly/rayon Textile Studio Florence Jacket and the Burda 8/2009 blouse I finished yesterday.

It's funny; last week I wore the blouse I originally purchased this fabric for...felt marvelous in it, loved wearing it, love the blouse...and got ZERO comments on it. Today, I wore the bonus blouse and wasn't at all sure the style suited me and was even wondering if I would hang on to it or not and I got 5 - 6 compliments; some from people I barely knew. So I guess I'll keep it.

We took a couple of other photos of just the blouse, both tucked in and untucked (sorry for the wrinkles), since it is tunic length. It looks better when belted, but I need a belt to hold up my jeans and two belts just DON'T work.

I'm not crazy about the way the sleeves/armholes look, but under a jacket it's ok.


  1. It's a very nice neckline on you. Very pretty. (long time reader, not so good on posting :)

  2. Wow! That color is beautiful on you! Lovely top.

  3. It's a great top! The color and style, plus the necklace are great for you!

    Regarding AQS, I will be flying into St. Louis this year. I am sorry to miss you - I've been wanting to meet you for a long time. Like you said, you'll probably be wadded up with MB costumes, anyway.