Sunday, March 21, 2010

Choir Sundays 2010 # 8

March choir colors; Kelly green and black with blue jeans

Why the vest (Burda 05-2009-108)? Well, My Sweet Baboo and I have lay leadership positions in church, and we have magnetic name tag/badges that we wear, but we can't wear them in choir. So I needed a top layer so I could get the badge on/off easily. A black vest would've been a lot better, but, um I forgot about the black velveteen vest that's also lurking in the closet and just grabbed the denim one.

I tried tucking the shirt in, but it looked way too American Old West, so I just let it be untucked.

Um, it's the Coldwater Creek bootcuts this week, and the OOP McCall's blouse that was fresh off the sewing machine last night. Here's the review...

But I gotta say, I *love* this blouse!!! It feels very elegant on. How many do you suppose my wardrobe could stand?


  1. Very pretty blouse Lisa...I think your wardrobe could stand at least a couple more!!!

  2. Very pretty style. It looks great on!

  3. You look great in this green! I think I've said that before. If you love this blouse, make them in every color you love (or least that might be a choir color)! If you're going to put the time into making something, it should be something you love and will wear!