Friday, February 12, 2010

Twelve Weeks of Gorgeous Fabrics: Wk 1

So, the first garment from Gorgeous Fabrics is a Christine Jonson Basewear 2 sleeveless t-neck, from some of Ann's aMAYzing designer rayon/lycra jersey, in charcoal gray. I'm sorry for the hanger pic, but, believe me, a photo of me in my 'I stayed home in my sweats and didn't even wash my hair today' state would surely be tragic. I'll get a photo of it actually on when I don't look quite so Phyllis-Dillerish.

The gathers at the armholes are to close the gaping that that shirt tends to have on me. After I made it, I remembered that, while I like this for a regular t-neck (with sleeves), the sleeveless version is not so great on me. Hence the clear elastic sewn into the turned-and-stitched edge finish on the front of the armholes.

I knew that; I just forgot. But this is typically a bottom layer...under a jacket or a it's not that big a deal. And the gathers are much less noticeable on an actual body.

Weather permitting, I have a road trip tomorrow up to Sir's Fabrics tomorrow. The Flute Player is once again in need of a dress for the annual Kid's Ministries Awards dinner, and, although Last year's dress still fits fairly well (I think...? Mayhap I should have her try it on, just to make sure...), she wants a purple dress for this year. I've already checked the two Hancock's in town...while I was looking for Wash Away Basting Tape (the other store was out, too. Someone doing a school production must've cleaned everybody out)...and they don't really have what I'm looking for. Sir's does have a fairly large selection of fancy fabrics, so she and I are going to head up in the morning, see what I can find, have lunch and head back home. (It's about a 45 minute drive)

I'm hoping I can get in and out without another stash-swamping 50 yard purchase...Sir's is a daaangerous place....

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