Saturday, February 06, 2010

12 Weeks of Gorgeous Fabrics: The Plan

I realize that if I'm going to manage to make one garment a week for 12 weeks, I'm going to have to do some planning. And some of those garments will be very quick to make, so I can kinda double up and do some more involved projects (looks like I'm going to be switching thread in the machines a lot! ;) )

Anyway, here's what I'm planning:

I've cut out a test run of the Jalie 2909 "classic trousers" from some poly/lycra suiting off the Wal-Mart cheap table. I cut the size recommended by my measurements, but the farther I get the more skeptical I looks *small*. But I'm plodding along, because I have two pieces of woven cotton/lycra from Ann that I want to use for is a black sateen, the other is a twill w/a printed white stitch stripe. I'm hoping this pattern works, or is at least close enough that a little tweaking will let me cut into those two fabrics.

I've also finally muslined the jacket pattern from Burde December '08, with the intention of using that same printed stripe to make the first real jacket.

I probably won't wear the jacket and the pants together. ;-)

I've got some dark grey 'designer' rayon/lycra jersey on the cutting table now; I'm pretty sure I can get three 'real quick' items out of it...I'm planning a double twinset; the Jalie 2566 Cardigan, with the Jalie 965 tank top and Christine Jonson's Basewear Two mock t-neck shell. So I can wear the cardi with either top.

I've got one project that's been in the queue for ever that I'm going to finish up...the Vogue 2064 DK wrap tunic from some fuschia rayon/lycra jersey. I'll be glad to get the push to finish that one!

I've got some green rayon/lycra jersey that came from Ann right at the end of December; I haven't decided for sure which tops I'll use but I know that will be at least two quick knit tops. Green is the color for choir next month, so it will get sewn.

Likewise, I have some marvelous jacquard green silk charmeuse that I've pegged for an OOP McCall's pattern. It just needs its pre-treatment and I'll be cutting that one.

Then there is a sturdy piece of white cotton/lycra satin that I'm planning to turn into long blouse. I'm waffling on which pattern to use for it; I don't want it to end up looking like a lab coat!

Finally, I've got another piece of the brown heathered 'designer' rayon/lycra jersey in the stash that I'm planning to use as a tunic. I've got two different ideas in my head for it; both of which are modifications to patterns I've used before. Just not sure which one will win out in the end.

So that's my 'plan' for one garment a week for the next twelve weeks! Barring the onset of costuming, it is do-able, if I pace the cutting/tracing/muslin process with the simple tops.

And I've found out another sewing friend has been fighting a battle similar to Ann's; sewing these things will be a good point of contact to pray for both of them.

So, for the ladies who are planning to sew along with this...what's your plan?


  1. I love this idea, but I only have two pieces of fabric unsewn from Ann. Both are going to become knit tops, and soon, so I can at least do what I can. And maybe I need to do some shopping... Come on, twist my arm. :-)

  2. Only two pieces unsewn! What discipline! ;)

  3. I just sewed up my first one today. This is a great idea!!!

  4. Here's my first one:

  5. (At least) one garment a week is such a great goal! I will consider myself successful if I get to sit at the machine once a week! I am trying to knock out all my UFO's and things I've promised people first but I'm getting real close to starting some vintage dresses for me--just because.
    Good luck!

  6. While I can't realistically sew one a week (and goodness knows my stash is full of GF material), I know that I can sew a few and....I have enough already sewn to wear at least one or two GF items each week.

  7. I need to go through my stash and pick out my GF fabrics, then I"ll be able to form a plan! I can think of 6 pieces off the top of my head, a voile spotted, a wild pique print, a gorgeous 2-tone linen (crosswoven in golds and navy), the aqua/black chain print knit, a red & pink print knit, and another red print knit... So I see 2 knit tops, possibly a dress, and a couple of jackets. One woven top. Have NO idea on patterns, haha!

  8. Another thing: urge your readers to send their pics in to Anne so she can post them on her "Strut Your Stuff" gallery.

  9. Ooo, good idea! I'll mention it in the next post about the project!