Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We Continue Costuming...


Sunday I ate something that had been in the fridge for longer than I realized; yesterday I got flattened by a truly violent ailment. I felt fine when I left the house; three hours later I was lying on the bathroom floor at work hoping I could make it home (special thanks to Miss A and Pastor J for making sure I did!)

Yesterday was a total washout; I'm up and moving slowly today; pushing fluids because I did get somewhat dehydrated. I'm hoping once I get rehydrated I'll feel good enough to sew because...

The Flute Player needs a Dickens costume; her drama class will be performing "A Christmas Carol" the second week in December and she is one of the Solicitors and a Caroler. I checked at church for a costume she's used before for a school project, but the costume area is in such disarray that I couldn't find it. So I stopped at my favorite Wal-Mart and picked up a goodly length of burgundy antique satin from the dollar fifty table to make a skirt and perhaps a short cape. If I add a good deep hem to the skirt, it'll be useful when/if we ever do 'Scrooge' at church again.

Plus I still need to make the extra costume piece for 'Compleat Works'...haven't had a final 'go' on that yet. The pattern *I* liked best is a McCall's...and I just discovered McCall's patterns are on sale at Hobby-Lobby this week.

I may have to run in and get one, feeling puny or not....


  1. Oh yeah, gotta keep track of the stuff in the fridge. I'm glad you're starting to feel better.

  2. Ooof. I hope you're feeling better and things are getting back to "normal".

    I hear you on the costumes. We thought we only had 30 to do for Ben Hur. We found out yesterday it will be more like 40 before it is said and done. I have to sort the lot I brought home yesterday. I get to do all the glitzy and highly decorated stuff . . I wonder why?

  3. Have you talked about costuming on Pins and Needles? If you have, I've missed it; just remember a reference in one of your comments to making togas. Who's doing the show and when will it be performed?

    And I can't *imagine* why they'd ask you to do all the fancy things...LOL...

    Post pictures if you can!