Friday, November 13, 2009

Found the Door...

Who knew The Wall had a door?

Wednesday I came home from work to find that my kids, who'd had the day off from school, had CLEANED THE KITCHEN! Even damp-mopped the floor! And they'd neatened and vacuumed the living room and den!!!

After I recovered from the swoon, I thanked them profusely and went to work on the material for the sixth-grade girls class I teach on Wednesday nights at church; it was a 2-lesson night (we're on a really tight syllabus to get three units in before Christmas...). And class went well. I came home and went to soon as My Sweet Baboo and The Artist got home from a late-night MRI session inspecting the Artist's knee (verdict: ACL reconstructive surgery; Thursday next week...).

My frazzled nerves were considerably less frazzled when I got up, so when I got the phone call from Our Costume Mistress that the red dress was a bit too long...could I come in and fix it because everyone else is trying to finish off other costumes?...I was able to offer to bring my serger along after choir practice with a good attitude.

So, 'long 'bout 8:30 last night, I pulled into school, unloaded the serger, and finished the edges of the red dress (another sewing volunteer had already trimmed it to the right length). Then I found another project... a suit jacket that needed Every Bit Of Length removed from the sleeve hems. I opened the lining in the topstitched bit of the sleeve lining seam (thank you whoever told me years ago that that access was there!)...both sleeves had 'em...and took everything out, then faced the bottom w/bias tape to turn a minimal hem up and put it back together. I didn't get the buttons put back on, but anyone can do that at any point today.

Today, My Sweet Baboo had one of those diagnostic procedures that requires anesthesia, so he's home sleeping it off, and The Actor is keeping him company with 'flu -like symptoms'.

So I'm making chicken soup and swabbing things w/disinfectant wipes. Who knows...if I catch a minute, I might even sew something. ;)


  1. Awesome kids !!!

    Don't wear yourself out - sounds like you need a break. :-)

  2. The dress is absolutely beautiful! I'm a lurker on your blog and pattern review and I honestly have no idea how you accomplish everything you accomplish. I cannot believe how much you get done with 4 kids and all your committments. Congrats on getting this dress there just in time! I was looking for an email address because I wanted to ask you about the weekender bags you made several years ago. The links to your photos aren't up on patter review anymore. I was really curious about the method you used to give some strenth to the bottom. Did you just fuse the two bottom pieces to the interfacing and then sew the bottom to the bag as normal? I've made three of these I think and am getting ready to make 3 more as presents and I think I want to do this. Do you think the bags would still be washable? Hope you don't mind a few questions and sorry to post on an unrelated blog entry. Thanks so much Susan C.

  3. Susan, I 'll go fix the links on PR...Photoworks did another site revamp a couple of weeks ago so now all my links are broken AGAIN. And I was close to having them all fixed from the last time...sigh...

    But, about the Weekenders, what I did was cut 2 bag bottom lining pieces, and I cut a piece of peltex (stiff stuff that's fusible on both sides; crafters use it for fabric bowls) so that it would not extend into the seam allowances. Then, as you said, I just sandwiched it and fused it and then treated the resulting piece as the bottom lining.

    I never checked on the washability of the interfacing stuff,'t tried to wash my bag, but then it's not really a washable fabric. I guess the short answer would be to check the laundry instructions on the interfacing and go with that.

  4. Thanks, Lisa. The links are up again. Susan C