Saturday, July 04, 2009

Drought Breaking

So I finally finished the Burda denim vest and opened my Excel spreadsheet to record it and discovered that I did not complete a single project in June
I have to go back to September of last year to find another month in which I had nothing recorded on my list, and even then I did a wee bit of costume work. In June I did a teeny bit -- one afternoon's worth-- of mending. A day's worth of picking up/cleaning (which is not at all noticeable). And some fabric buying. But no finished garments.

So, after I saw my empty month, I decided I needed to do a couple of quick projects. I pulled out two of my recent acquisitions and quickly turned out two tops. So, after doing nothing all of June, I finished three garments yesterday. I need to get a good photo of the vest so I can write a review, and the other two will no doubt show up on choir posts very soon (brown is one of the colors for July). But, here's a quick photo of yesterday's sewing:

That's a Jalie 965 tank top, the Burda (formerly World of Fashion) May 2009 #108 vest (review coming soon) and another Burda (FWOF) May 2009 # 103 surplice top.
I didn't have enough fabric to cut sleeves (I intended to do at least cap sleeves, but couldn't manage it), and I *should've* pulled out a TNT sleeveless knit pattern to make sure the armseyes would work w/no sleeves. I've got some 1/8" elastic sewn into the lower front armholes to try and pull in the gapage that was going on there. It sort of worked. But, having no sleeves, the top will be worn under a jacket most of the time anyway. Maybe I'll remember this lesson next time.... ;)

Oh, the Princess walked by while I was cropping/resizing the photo and commented, 'That picture doesn't count because you're not wearing them.'

Can I roll my eyes?


  1. As far as i'm concerned, fabric buying IS sewing.

  2. Of course you can roll your eyes. It's your turn sometimes!

    Cute tops. I love them all. But mostly, I'm glad you got time at the sewing machine. It felt great, didn't it?

    Happy Independence Day!

  3. As a professional dressmaker, I have little time to sew for myself. I do have an Excel spreadsheet for my knitting. I started it to track incoming and outgoing to see if my stash was getting smaller. It wasn't for years!!

  4. Good for you! It is nice to get something done, especially for yourself. Enjoy those cute tops.

  5. Lisa,
    What do your entries on the spreadsheet contain? I've yet to figure out a tracking method that works for me.

    Enjoy your new tops.

    Lois K

  6. Lois, I posted on that here, but maybe it's time to update that info now that I (think) I can do screen shots...I'll see if I can do another post on it sometime this week.