Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Burda Denim Vest

The topstitching is pretty far from perfect; the denim was really bulky right at the edges and my little New Home just couldn't seem to feed it evenly. But, it doesn't show from any distance and the worst of it is on the underlap.

But it's a great top piece; especially good for wearing over a white blouse that has less than complete opacity! ;)

Here's the review....


  1. Oh Lisa! That vest is absolutely adorable!!!! For some reason I am scared of trying to make a vest. One of these days I am going to have to attempt one. Yours turn out so beautifully. The top stitching looks very nice in this picture. I should think it would be pretty hard to sew through all that thickness, but it looks like you did a wonderful job (as usual)!

  2. I love this vest! It's got great personality, soooo you.

    I'm debating on going to Textile Fabrics...I have no excuse for more fabrics...none! except that there's a sale....