Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Waiting on buttons...

Ha! I found my cuffs! Turns out all I had done to them was fuse on the interfacing; so when I found the little rectangles of fabric on the floor under a box of patterns waiting to be filed, my first thought was 'Hey...is this the same fabric? I wonder if I could make new cuffs from this...' Then I noticed the interfacing and did the happy dance. So the Kwik Sew blouse is done to buttons/buttonholes.

Only I don't have any buttons in the stash that work. It needs something a little bigger than a standard shirt button, which is what I'd planned to use. A trip to Hancock's is in order. Yikes.

And the silk blouse is also done to the buttons. I have the buttonholes in and slit, so all I have to do now is sew on, um, 14 buttons and it's done.


So, now I'm trying to decided what's up next...

More queue sewing, long put off winter outerwear projects, much needed pants for The Flute Player, or a quick gratification project?

Decisions, decisions, decisions....


  1. I LOVE you blog statistics. I can tell you love lists! I wish I had documented my sewing adventures. Glad you found your cuffs. Hope you have fun deciding what to do next!

  2. Yay! Your cuffs have been found. Now you must know how the woman who was searching for the lost coin felt. I hope you find great buttons, I've been waiting to see this blouse for a long time!

  3. Not sure when I'll make it to Hancock's to look for some buttons; hopefully in the next two or three days.

    But it's not a terribly exciting project; just a white shirt. It's the third iteration for this pattern and it's getting better but still not perfect (I coulda sworn I lowered those darts ...but apparently I didn't...gotta make a note to do it next time!)