Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thinkin' Pink

Next month's choir colors are deep hot pink and charcoal grey or black w/blue jeans (yeah, blue jeans one more month...). I've probably got enough stuff in the closet that I could squeak by without making anything new.

But I have two or three pieces of fabric in the stash that have just been languishing because I've been busy sewing stuff in the colors I needed.

So I'd really like to take the opportunity to make them up.

One is a piece of silk/linen/rayon blend suiting that came from Emma One Sock SEVERAL years ago. My intention was to replace a one-button blazer jacket that hadn't really fit since baby three (who is now 15). But the fabric is very loosely woven and floppy. I don't think I want to beat it into a tailored out blazer. But I do have the Fashion Sewing Group jacket muslined, tweaked and ready for fashion fabric. And the folks on Stitcher's Guild are doing a sew along on that pattern that I've been following whilst doing the most recent round of Church costuming...I'd sort of like to join along.

But there are a couple of other patterns I'm looking at, as well. One is Loes Hines' Milano Jacket, but my fabric would have to be fully interfaced (that floppy loose weave...) and I think it will therefore need a lining, which of course is not a feature of any Loes Hinse pattern. Vogue 1040 is also on the short list...I'd leave off the fringy trim and I'd need to get different buttons than the ones I have currently intended for that fabric (I don't have enough...but maybe Hancock's still has some). And I have made enough Vogue patterns that I pretty well know what my alterations need to be. But there's one more that's caught my eye...the Burda World of Fashion September issue, which arrived Tuesday, has a nice jacket, number 129, that I definitely want to make at some point, and it's very similar to the Milano...only it does have at least a nod to putting in a lining in the directions.

So, I've got some decisions to make...and pretty soon. It'd be nice to finish it in time to wear in September, and if I've got to start w/a muslin (which I'd need to do for the Burda jacket), I need to get on it.

Maybe I'll just go ahead and trace and muslin the BWOF jacket while I make up my mind?


  1. Lisa,
    The Milano looks like it'd make up great in a loose floppy fabric.the pics look a bit "sweatery," especially the view with the gathered sleeves (except I think they are too short). Good luck...I'm looking forward to seeing the final results.

  2. Hm...I really didn't think about those gathered sleeves. I'd be using the more 'normal' ones, just so it has a little more fashion staying power anyway. Most of Loes' patterns look best in fabric with a little body mixed in with the drape; this really doesn't have any body at all and I'm sort of afraid it'd just look baggy. A lightweight interfacing would help it a lot; I just need to decide if I really would want to line it. I *do* have a little RTW jacket that is fully intefaced w/no lining, so I know it really wouldn't be awful.

    If I dither too long, it'll be too late! ;)

  3. I love the FSG1945 jacket, but if this isn't the right fabric, I'm sure you have something in your collection that would work for it! I love it in tweeds and also in textured wools - have made it at least 10 times over the years. Hope you try it soon.