Thursday, September 25, 2008

Testing my Resolve

Got another sale email today...this one from Fashion Fabrics Club. There are a lot of folks who, um, don't care for FFC, but I have to confess that they're responsible for a LARGE percentage of my fabric stash. Occasionally I've gotten something that didn't live up to my expectations, but usually the fabric from them has been very nice. And cheap. Now they're doing a big sale, with lots of fabrics deeply discounted, and, um, I'm not buying, I'm not buying I'm not buying....

This isn't a 'no purchase 'till parity' deal (although I'm farther behind parity than I'd really like to be at this point) it's a 'I gotta conserve the cash' deal.

And I don't know when that particular qualifier will lift. Maybe by the end of the year...maybe not.

Sigh. I gotta go delete that email.

Note: if I don't get some sewing done soon, I'll find myself talking politics, which I refuse to do on my blogs. I've mentally declared my blogs to be 'politics free zones', and I'm not gonna go there.

So I really, really need to do some sewing.... :D


  1. yes....I try not to talk about politics too..but I HAD to put my party of choice's button on my blog. I didn't say anything about it...but I liked the button so much I just HAD to go there!! :) Have a wonderful day! Happy sewing!!!

  2. You're not the only one who likes them but somehow its easier for me to delete their emails than the ones that come from Fabric Mart!

  3. Hands over eyes, not peeking Is the silk gone yet?