Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Not Fun Sewing

I hate it when sewing becomes a chore instead of a delight. It happens from time to time. Usually, it's stuff w/a deadline, so I can kind of grit my teeth and plow my way through it, but right now, the only deadline I have is 'when this is done I can start sewing from fresh inspiration again!'

Ya'll the only sewing I did yesterday was pull out the silk Chopin Blouse and set about figuring out how to cut a replacement lower back piece, seeing as how I apparently threw the original one out.

The remnant of fabric I've got is about 2 1/2" too short to cut one. So I'm going to have to make this fit, then retro-trim the front to match. The pattern piece is currently lying on the fabric remnant on the cutting table. That's as far as I got.

And the blouse has not been going together well from the git-go. I sewed the collar on the wrong side of the blouse. The shirred bias cuffs/collar refused to shirr in a straight line. I lost the back.

Sigh. Working on it is not fun anymore. But my conscious will not let me cut anything new until I finish it.

Not to mention the white Kwik-sew blouse, which is done to the (still AWOL) cuffs. I know I made them; there's a blog post to that effect to shore up my rather shaky memory of it. So those cuffs should be...somewhere.

And Fabric Mart has four ply black silk crepe on sale for $10/yard! I've been looking for affordable 4-ply silk black...for years.

But, my budget is COMPLETELY depleted. I deleted the email real quick before my fiscal responsibility flew out the window. The budget tightening has got to start being Real Serious.

All of which contributes to a lack of sewing fun.

So...I need to pull myself together and Finish That Blouse, Find Those Cuffs, and get Inspired by the Stash.

Deep breath,'ll be ok... ;)


  1. At least you did get to sew! I am dying to get in front of my machine and do something!

  2. Um, well, I never made it to the sewing machine; it's still waiting for me to cut it out...then I've got to (gasp) change the thread before I can actual make any stitches... LOL

  3. So, you think that maybe I should pay attention to what you wrote? I have gotten so bad lately about that very thing. I have ordered fabric and either not paid close enough attention to the fabric description or didn't pay attention to the width and then didn't order enough for what I wanted to make! Do think that you'll get to the machine today?

  4. LOL...I know what you mean!

    I don't know if I'll make it to the machine or not; we've got church tonight and I'm teaching a lesson that's only partly ready...but, that blue shirt is What Is Up Next, so when I get to the machine, I *will* push it through! ;)

  5. So, should I thank you for pointing out that 4 ply silk? :D

    I've been looking for ages too...

  6. Well, if other people buy it up it WILL remove temptation from me... LOL

  7. Good for you deleting that dastardly e-mail, I succumbed,, now to get the SM repaired to actually sew something.

  8. I'm glad that others are buying that silk because even though I've been looking for it forever at an affordable price, I just CAN NOT buy another yard of fabric right I feel your pain! Is it gone yet? I'm afraid to look! *LOL*