Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Blogger's instituted what looks like a new feed collector...their 'following' options. Apparently, you can 'follow' a number of blogs...even put a widget on your blog so that folks can 'follow' along with the blogs you're 'following.'

I'm not sure I'm ready to dump Bloglines for it, though. It would be nice to have the widget there, but I've got something like 100 blogs I subscribe too...it would be a real mess on the sidebar. I even took the list off and put it in a post so that all that is in the sidebar now is a link to the post. Bloglines generates the list in the post from the blogs I've subscribed to; I don't have to think about it. It's accessible, but it's not cluttering up the sidebar (I may have to do something similar with the archive files one of these days).

Plus, if I want to display the 'following' widget, I'd have to convert to layouts. Now, I'm using the classic 'template' version. I tried the layout version w/my other blog when I first set it up, but I had all kinds of problems getting the layout to allow me to insert new links and I finally gave up and converted it over to classic like this one.

So, no widget for me.

But it is kind of neat to log on to the dashboard and see some smiling faces of folks who will see my posts. So I guess it's a good thing.

(Yes, I have no substantial sewing to report and I'm grasping at straws for content. But I thought I'd explain why the 'following' widget won't be showing up on my sidebar...).

Hopefully I can talk sewing tomorrow. ;)


  1. Since I am one of the technologically challenged and for some reason was never able to get bloglines to work for me...I love following! I put in the blogs that I MUST read - about 50 of them - *LOL* - but I see new posts now without twirling around the internet trying to see who has posted!

  2. It *does* look cool...but I think I'll have to give it an 'Ok Pattern but Doesn't Work For Me' rating.

    I'm just too lazy to shift everything when I've got something that works well enough. And you're right, it's great to see the updates w/o having to go and look to see who's posted!