Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Fabric In...

Is there anyone who managed to resist all the Labor Day sales that were flying around the 'net?

I succumbed to one...because I really, truly needed some black cotton/lycra bottomweight fabric for pants, and Gorgeous Fabrics had a really nice black cotton/lycra sateen available. Plus, she had some silk/lycra charmeuse for the color I needed for choir last Easter (the top I made was merely fabric purchased just because it was the Right Color. Now I can make a pretty replacement from silk/lycra!). And there was one 'I can't resist this while I'm already paying shipping!' fabric...the knit Ann used to make this top. I'm a sucker for nice rayon/lycra knits...and, with a black-and-white theme, that'll get used in choir, too.

Sigh. The 'yards in' total is creeping upward; time to do some stash-busting sewing...


  1. Believe it or not, I did not order any fabric from the Labor Day sales. I even managed to spend less than $40 at the vintage textile show! What's got into me?

  2. I've been a very good girl! No fabric, no patterns...nothing! Every time I think about buying anything, visions of my crazy big fabric and pattern stash pop into my head and I find the will power to "just say no."

  3. I managed to avoid any fabric purchases also - both online and at the local fabric stores. I even avoided purchasing more patterns. Now books? That's a different story...I bought a few sewing books at the Helf Price Book Store sale.