Friday, September 19, 2008

Ahead of the Curve?

I've been seeing a lot of posts on the boards and such about sewing with lace; I thought for a moment about rummaging around for some lace to get on board with it (that sidetracked sanguine trying to assert itself over my recent determination to work on the queue) when I remembered something: I've already sewn some lace garments...

The first was the Fashion Sewing Group 1964 skirt; I made this in 2005...and worn it only once or twice.

The second was last year; the modified Loes Hinse City Dress Bodice, which I have yet to wear.

I love both pieces...they're unique and, apparently, to my surprise, very stylish right now.

But...a SAHM just doesn't have much opportunity for wearing dressy lace garments!

I gotta watch for a chance to put those on in the next couple of months....


  1. Cool! Of course you'll find an excuse to wear those things, they're perfect for this fall.

  2. These are beautiful garments and fit you nicely. (Fit is one of the areas I am trying to figure out, the right style for me the other). I hope you do find places to wear them.

  3. Thanks, ladies!

    It's difficult to find an excuse to dress up...but I plan to!