Sunday, July 20, 2008

Choir Sundays 08 #21

I forgot to take the camera in today! So...maybe I'll get the full choir photo next week...

Anyway, this month's colors are: blue jeans w/either gold, purple or brown

Yes, this is the goofiest pose ever; not only am I standing funny but there's a pile of clothes that my oldest DS is supposed to take back to a friend lying on the floor behind me. I didn't think I could Photoshop those out...although I confess to thinking hard about trying!! But, overlooking the goofiness, that jacket is the only blue denim jacket I've got...gotta do something about that one of these days... Vogue 8045. I'm wearing it with a purple poly crepe knit version of Loes Hinse's Cowl Top, in the short length, minus the cowl, with short sleeves. This was my 'wearable test' of that pattern, and I've worn it and worn it and worn it.

Of course, the jeans are plain ol' Lees. I've got some denim to try to fabricate my own...someday!

But I'm off to spend the week doing housework and laundry and maybe sewing around the edges; I'll see you in next Sunday's choir post (hopefully I'll remember the camera...)

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  1. Funny pose or not, I really love that jacket! Can't see the top very well, but the jacket rocks!