Friday, April 25, 2008

Squeezing in a little sewing

I debated whether to hold off on posting, but the only thing I'm putting off at the moment is snoozing so I thought I'd go ahead and share my latest project:

A little sewing here...a little sewing there... I've been greatly frustrated w/sewing this month (that'll be a LONG post when I get back), so I wanted something quick. I still had the second of the two 'I made parity!' celebration fabrics left to sew up, so a little puzzling over adding a lining and a little sewing and bingo! A new Textile Studios Madison Avenue Dress!

Details are in the review (link on the sidebar...sooner or later).

I think this dress calls for a Night Out w/My Sweet Baboo... ;)


  1. Very nice! I agree - a night out is in order!

  2. Ditto! A night out with your sweet Baboo is just the ticket! Mary

  3. Wow, VERY beautiful and flattering!!

  4. Love it! That pattern is great, and of course, the fabric is TDF! ;-)

  5. Hi Lisa, can understand your need for a break from blogging. I love reading your blog. Your dress is so pretty and I'm sure it will "wow" your hubby. The only sewing I've been doing lately is ASG service projects and a purse that I'm still working on 2 weeks later. My brain just doesn't wrap around craft sewing. I'd rather sew garments any day of the week. Will look forward to reading more on your blog ... hopefully soon.