Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Parody for Spring Break

The kids are off from school this week; for some reason, the theme song from Pippin, Magic to Do, has been running through my head, only with the following words:

Join me, leave your Game Boy Beeping,
Join me, it's too late to be sleeping,
Join me, come and help an hour or two
Journey, journey to the trash can
Take it to the curb for pick up
Journey 'round the yard with th'lawn mower, too!

I've got laundry to do, just for you
I've got dishes to wash, I say,
I've got menus to form, leftovers to warm,
I also need to mend what's torn
So I need your help today...aaaay

The kids unanimously declared they preferred the original words.

ETA: I had a question or two off site wanting to know what the original tune is like. I did some searching on You Tube and found one that 1) was fairly easy to understand and 2) didn't have costuming I'd be embarrassed to link to. It's not the best version out there (I liked the one w/Ben Vereen, but, well, the costumes were *skimpy*) but you can get the idea...

Magic to Do...unknown cast

It was interesting to see all the different stage/costume designs in the various productions. Nothing at all like what we did...I don't know if that's good or bad...

ETA again... in hunting around, I actually found that someone had posted a clip from the finale of OUR PERFORMANCE. It's a home video, I think, the quality is not so good, but...well, here it is:

Lee High School Pippin '08 finale

The Actor actually spotted himself a couple of times. He's excited.

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