Wednesday, March 19, 2008

On to the Easter Choir Shirt...

I debated several things. If I'd've had some black stretch lace, I might've tried for something a little bit edgey. But I think I've decided I'm going to wear my black eyelet skirt, so instead of edgy I wanted something just a little girly. The nod went to Simplicity 4076, the scoop-neck version w/the front gathers. I had to alter the pattern a bit from the size 10 I used last year for DD's top, but I think it will add just the right feminine touch w/the black skirt and under one of my Loes Hinse designed black jackets.

Not to mention that it will be very quick to make.

Whilst the cutting table was out, I went ahead and traced/altered Simplicity 4528; I decided I'd use that tunic pattern with the green jacquard rayon blend I got at the Expo. I've been wanting to make that for ever-so-long; now's my chance! I haven't cut it out yet; I'm hoping there's enough to make the long version but I'm afraid it's too narrow and I'll probably end up with the shorter one. We'll see after I get the fabric pressed out well. I'll probably actually sew that first, since there's still green thread loaded up on the machines :D


  1. Well...I guess I'm not going to need to wear the choir green on Sunday! I was really looking forward to it...but it just didn't work out! MAN!! Oh well...I know you'll look AWESOME!!! Can't wait to see your girly...feminine blouse!!! :) See you then!!
    Love ya,

  2. yeah, for this Sunday, it's 'Ocean Teal'...kind of a light turquoise, I think. I hope. ;)