Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm Tagged

I'm late to this show, but I've been tagged by Keely with the 7 things meme; so I'm supposed to 1) link back to the blog that tagged me (check), 2) Post 7 random things about myself and 3) tag 7 others. For 3), I'm going to fudge a bit...I'm not sure who has already been memed here, so I'm going to do a Random Tag. My birthday is in July (ok, that's Random Thing Number 1), so I'm going to tag anyone who's reading this whose birthday is also in July. Just leave a comment if you decide to play along....

So, for Random Things 2 -

2)I broke both arms when I was a kid, but not at the same time. I can commiserate w/DS and his recent injury, although the treatment of my breaks (put on a plaster cast until the bone is set...oh, in the summer w/no air conditioning) was considerably different than his (he only had a real cast for about 2 weeks; but he did have to have surgery and he will have some physical therapy). But broken bones are no fun.

3)I think my profile just mentions that I have a college degree. It's actually a high honors degree w/a double major: Mathematics and Computer Science. Of course, that was awarded in 1985, when desktop technology was just arriving (the IBM AT was a Big Deal) and windows were on houses. My college work was largely done by submitting batch runs of punch cards to a Univac; I'm a digital dinosaur. And after all these years I might recognize a differential equation if I tripped over it.... But at least I've got the degree.

4)I don't swim. I like relaxing in and around water so long as it's not more than 5 feet deep. On my few beach visits, I discovered I don't like moving water much above my knees...the surf made me feel unbalanced. So I enjoyed the Gulf by just sitting on the beach and letting the waves wash over me. I thought that was the epitome of relaxation until I discovered that the surf filled the back leg portion of my bathing suit with sand. Like I need that....

5)I hate washing dishes. Not going any deeper on that one.

6)I also do not care at all for football. This is tough on someone who lives in Alabama. I'd rather do dishes than watch a football game on TV.

7) I think it's REALLY COOL that I got tagged by a fellow blogger from New Zealand! My Pen Pal Penchant from my early teens has been totally satisfied by blogging and meeting folks from literally all over the world via the internet. And no trudging to the post office for air mail stamps!


  1. Hi from NZ!
    When I was at highschool it was a really big deal that the school got a computer (yep, 1)and there were only about 4 of us students who could use it. (we had an AppleIIc I think at home). I can also remember saying how I didn't need to do typing lessons because I wasn't going to be a secretary. Oh, I regret that one now as I laboriously type 2 fingered.

  2. Keely, they offer computer classes here in the 8th grade; the first one is called 'Keyboarding'.

    When I first saw that on my kids schedules, I thought they were teaching them rudimentary piano skills. Ha's typing on a computer keyboard...