Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I need a plan

Ok, I have wonderful new new patterns...and I want to sew it all. Today.

Obviously, I need some way to chop this down to 'doable'...find some way to prioritize I can get through it in a timely fashion.

This year, though, is different from every other year I've been to the Expo; there is no big Costume project hanging over my head. We're not doing a costumed thing for Easter this year, so I'm actually anticipating some real time to sew for me. (Did I say that out loud? Isn't that kind of like talking about a no-hitter in the 7th inning?)

Now, ignoring for the moment the fact that I've got an awfully lot of household type stuff that's so incredibly behind, and my sewing room's a total wreck, I should have some time to the next couple of weeks. I've got an all-day conference on Friday, but next week is spring break and I'm a little hopeful that I can get some sewing done. Or at least some of the housework-in-arrears so I'm free to sew the *next* week.

First up, obviously, is pre-treating all the fabric so that it's ready to cut. Laundry being one of the things that is behind, I'll work on that project as I make an attempt to find the bottom of the hampers. And I can work on the WIPs while the laundry is running.

And I'll see if I can come up with a yardage-into-wardrobe plan in the next couple of days.

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  1. Good luck with getting at your sewing. I have a lot of fabric I want to sew up too. I find your posts motivating.