Thursday, March 20, 2008

Forty minutes of sewing

That's my estimate on how long it will take me to put together the 'Ocean Teal' Simplicity 4076 top...once I change thread and have at it. I hope I'm right...between unexpected car repairs (what do you mean it has to stay at the car hospital three days????) that result in extravagant taxi runs and normal things like orthodontist visits (doesn't everyone schedule things like that on Spring Break?) and preparing a lesson for Friends class last night (I was seriously rolling my eyes at the teacher's material...ten minutes worth of reading won't fill up an hour and a half of class; I hadn't planned on writing my own lesson) I haven't gotten to the sewing machine yet this week.

But nothing else on the 'to do' list has gotten done this week either...

So, instead of cutting out the green tunic, I think I'm going to just change the thread and see if I can find forty minutes today to sew up that little top that I must wear Sunday...

1 comment:

  1. Good luck - you'll be able to turn that top out in no time! Besides, you do get done the things you have to.