Monday, March 03, 2008

End of the Run: HSM '08

It took a determined effort, but My Sweet Baboo and I did manage to see the closing night of Pippin, and I'm so glad we did. The performance we saw last Sunday was a good solid show, but the kids cranked it up to a whole 'nuther level Saturday night. (I'm sure it helped that the house was full...they'd even opened up the balcony, which is a very rare event). Even after seeing the show, I found myself blown away by what I was seeing on stage more than once. It was amazing, and I'm really proud of the kids (including The Actor, who DID have his gloves on at the appropriate time ;) ) We ordered the photo CD from the show; if I can, I'll post a few photos of the costumes on stage once we get our copy.

And I got presents! Just some appreciation gift pretties to hang, but it was a nice surprise to me.

But I am afraid my cover is now blown....

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  1. "But I am afraid my cover is now blown...."

    It may be blown, but you ROCK! Congrats to all the cast and crew.