Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Cloud and the Silver Lining

I'm sewing along, making good progress on my Oxford/Euro morph pants (basically just the Oxfords w/the zipper added from the Euros) and, boom, I hit a brick wall.

No elastic. Somehow I thought I had enough left for one more garment, but, no, I only had about 9"...definitely not enough. So I folded the pants and laid them aside and came in and made a Sewing Place order, since no one locally carries that really nice, 100% stretch elastic. I was seriously bummed. I guess I'll work on my PJ's today...I *do* have some PJ elastic. And I would like to have them to take to Atlanta Friday.

But still. I could've finished those pants last night....

There was, however, a silver lining to my cloudy sewing day; the March Burda World of Fashion appeared in my mailbox yesterday! I knew the subscription should be kicking in sometime soon; I didn't know if I'd get the March issue or the April issue. Some interesting formal wear/bridal gowns in here...I need to sit down and look everything over carefully to decide what I might like to try. So now I get 11 more months of fashion sewing patterns arriving in the mailbox.

Cool. ;)


  1. Yeah! I got mine yesterday! It is fun.

  2. Running out of supplies is not fun. I just had that happen with an invisible zipper. I was convinced I had the one I needed until it was time to put it in. Oh well. I made another dress instead while I'm waiting for the postal pony.

  3. Congrats on making progress on your jammies while waiting for supplies. It's hard to switch gears like that, so well done!