Sunday, March 23, 2008

Choir Sundays 08 #10 : Resurrection Sunday

Today, being Easter Sunday, our church services were held at the Civic Center; all three campuses of our church came together for one service. We combined all the choirs/worship teams from the three campuses with Master's Commission, and ended up with about 70 - 80 people in the choir. So it was split into two. The guys were to wear light yellow with black, the ladies were supposed to wear a color JC Penny calls 'Ocean Teal'...most ladies just went with turquoise. But it all blends.

Me, I wore the black poly herringbone Loes Hinse Bistro jacket again, and the hot-off the sewing machine Simplicity 4076 scoop-neck top, in the required 'Ocean Teal' knit, and the also *finally finished* Loes Hinse Oxford pants, from the tropical weight wool pinstripe that had been waiting for elastic for 2 weeks. The pinstripes are really, really fine and don't show up, but with the final tweaks I made to this pattern I think I've got it fitting just about perfect now. Yay!

Just as an aside, the service today was incredible... wish you all could've been there. ;)

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  1. That must have a been an awesome music service with a choir that large! You look great in your top and the necklace is perfect.