Thursday, September 13, 2007

What I said....

about not buying new stuff didn't apply to patterns on sale.

Hobby Lobby has McCall's on sale this week for $.99, so I took advantage of it to replace the torn, chopped and quite abused set of the 4 often used sizes of 2339, which is, In My Humble Opinion, the best basic Bible robe pattern available, although it does need a little adjusting. I'll use the new ones to correct the eroded cutting lines on the current set, and then I'll cut the old set to the shorter length so we won't have to keep folding the pattern up on the misses' cutting line for length (resulting in nicks and slits along that fold from the repeated use of rotary cutters). Or, you know, on second probably would be quicker to just make clean copies of the shorter sizes from white exam table paper; that'd be easier to tell the women's from the men's at a glance, too.

I'll think about it.

But, just before I left, I spotted a discussion of McCall's Patterns on Stitcher's Guild and Doris W. from Tennessee had posted about 5323. The white view really jumped out at was very similar to the sketch I'd come up with in Diane Ericson's Fashion illustration class at this year's expo:

So I had to get it. And then when I got home with it I read the fine print and saw that it is one of McCall's 'Made-For-You' comes with separate pieces for the front for each cup size. Wow! No FBA! All I'd need to do to get a top that is *really close* to my sketch is lengthen it a bit; I kinda like the wrap sash.

Something else to add to the bin of Patterns to Make Really Soon.

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  1. I can see you in that outfit! I love the sash detail on the top, too.