Saturday, September 22, 2007

The 'Sweatsuit Alternative'

Or, when do you wear a sweatsuit?

It's been interesting to see the chatter on the boards about the 'sweatsuit alternative' Tim Gunn includes in his Top Ten Wardrobe Items list. No one knows exactly what that's supposed to mean.

Me, I wear something akin to a sweatsuit in two scenarios...1) I am exercising in a chilly environment or 2) I really want to crawl into my pajamas but it's too early in the day.

So, do I really need an alternative to that? I suppose I could come up with some nice veloury-plushy-comfy thing to use as pre-jammies loungewear, but I don't think I want to sweat in anything other than a sweatsuit.

So, what's the alternative? Casual weekend wear? Does anyone really know?


  1. But Lisa, you're wearing a sweatsuit like you're supposed to! I don't think you need an alternative for that. OTOH, lots of people go around wearing sweatsuits for any casual occasion, such as grocery shopping, picking up kids at school, etc. Those folks do need an alternative--something that is comfortable but with panache. Anyway that's what I think Tim's talking about. I have his book at home and I'll see if he expounds on it more.

  2. Hmm . . . I never wear a sweatsuit. I don't even own one. I have workout clothes, but they're the stretchy lycra kind and I'd never, ever leave the house in them. I'm always wearing cords or jeans around the house with t-shirt and hoodie/sweater. I think Nancy is right; Tim Gunn is referring to those people who live in such clothing and feel that it is appropriate to wear it where ever - regardless of whether it may be appropriate.

    You, on the other hand, are using sweats as intended! Carry on!

  3. Iv'e wondered about what they mean by that too. Maybe they mean jeans and a blouse?

    In any case, I rarely wear sweat suits, but I do throw on a sweatshirt with my jeans on weekends and when I want to feel "cozy." And as far as I'm concerned...what I wear in my own house is my business! If someone comes to the door and gets traumatized...well, too bad! LOL!

  4. I've been wondering about that too. I have a couple of knit pants that get worn only for working out and perhaps when I'm home sick but need to be able to open the door to the mailman. If it's more like a "wear anytime, anywhere" outfit, then I guess it's jeans, and I think for a lot of people jeans have become that wear anywhere garment.

  5. I have only seen a couple of Tim Gunn's shows recently (of course I really enjoy the show). I was wondering the same thing. One of the episodes I saw the woman picked a summery dress with heels for her sweatsuit alternative. How in the world is a dress an alternative for sweats? But, I am not a dress kind of girl (I am working on this flaw).

  6. I think he's talking about something that is just as comfortable as a jogging suit but chic enough to run your errands in or anything else you would have previously worn a jogging suit to do. I also think they're of the school of thought that you should feel beautiful even when you're lounging in front of the tv with the kids. Erica Bunker's blog, Hooks and Needles, shows an alternative that she sewed up. I think she just used a knit fabric that was stretchy enough for maximum comfort but still just as pretty as her other clothes.

    As I write this, however, I'm wearing old yoga pants and my husband's t-shirt full of holes. HAHA!!