Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Despite ear-buzzing sleepiness all day yesterday, I managed to swap the bindings on DD's PE shorts, finish out the Bible costume and get the shoulder pads and lining installed on the green jacket. I had to sew the button on three times, though...the first time, I found that the vintage button I'd used as the template for the button hole was too thick and wouldn't go through the button hole. So I had to hunt through the stash for a button that would not look bad w/the jacket and would fit through the button hole. The clear one w/the gold trim works, sort of, but it's not as classy looking as the antiquey-gold button from my grandmother's button box. Then I proceeded to sew the second-choice button on about a half inch too low and had to redo it. Did I mention I was sleepy?

Anyway, here's the finished product!
I like the jacket ok; I don't think the sleeve/shoulder/armsceye really fits any better than any other jacket, though, although the stiffness of the fabric may be affecting it a little. But it's fine for an $8 jacket! Too bad I didn't finish it last month, when the choir was wearing green! Ah, well, it'll be ready for next time. Here's the review, if you're interested.

I've got several errands to run; it's quite possible that the only thing I'll get accomplished in the sewing room today is switching the thread in the serger Change of plan...I'll be home again all day today; laundry is overflowing but I'm hoping to change the thread in the serger and get some more work done on the Queue. First I've got to make up my mind whether I'm going to do the things that need black thread or the things that need cream thread. I could get several projects done quickly if I put in the black thread, but the cream thread projects are kinda summery and if I don't do them quickly they're liable to sit in the bags until spring. Which I don't want...I'm not buying fabric until the Queue is sewn, and I don't think I could wait that long! The plan is to get either the black or the cream projects done before I pull out the next bin of church-sewing.

But...my Dear In Laws are coming for a visit in less than two weeks...at some point prior to next Friday, I need to to some SERIOUS HOUSE CLEANING....


  1. I really like the collar/lapel on that jacket. It looks like a nicely fit armhole in the picture anyway. Not too droopy.

    Wrinkle in Time was my absolute favorite book when I was young. Sorry to hear about her passing.

  2. No, it doesn't droop, but it does bind a bit when I raise my arm, so I'm still looking. ;)

  3. House cleaning... I can relate to you!!

    The jacket looks great and I love the original stylelines and the fabric! Well done!