Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Lecture to Self

Hello. We are NOT startin' nuthin' new!

Do you hear me?

I don't care how much that new pattern is tempting you, I don't care how loudly that pretty wool fabric is singing its siren song, you have a full sewing plate, with leftovers in the fridge and you are NOT STARTIN' NOTHIN' NEW!

And we are not buying nuthin' new, either. Yes, I saw that post from Michael. And I know you went peeking over to EOS, 'just to see'. Now you're trying hard to forget what you saw. I'm telling you, you're just making life difficult for yourself.

You have about 15 marvelous projects cut out and waiting to be assembled.

You've got at least a hundred and sixteen different pieces to sew for church (ok, so I'm exaggerating just a *little*...but still. It's a lot).

You have about three patterns than need serious alterations before you even pull out the fabric for them.

You do not need anything new!!

Hello? Are we listening?

Back away from that bookmark list....


  1. You are "sew" cute! Yes, I've been lurking and am bowled over by that full sewing plate you have. You are so generous with your time! Best to you while you get through it all, hopefully "self" comes up sooner than later!

  2. Good luck with this direction, Lisa but I think you'll have to engage yourself fully in sewing up the UFOs 18 hours a day to keep your mind off the new Fall stuff. It's that siren song of fashion without which there is no new Fashion, right? The system is against you, the whole system. Mwaaaahaaaaa, say the Mad Men.

  3. You mean I only have to sew 18 hours a day??? LOL

    I'm determined not to purchase any more until The Prodigious Queue is gone; however, I may have to slip in a day project or two that's not there...younger DD really does need some additions to her wardrobe. But that'll be a 'one day wonder'.

    I'm determined!! I yam I yam!!! :p

  4. You crack me up. I also give a lot of time to my church, and I admire you for sewing for church. That's one thing I can't seem to find in me to give. It's so under valued by others. Do you find that to be true?

  5. Oh, I don't know that it's any more undervalued than any other volunteer position...like nursery worker, Children's teacher or dishwasher, just for examples. All of those are positions that seem to get taken for granted; at least sewing very rarely takes me out of the service or fellowship time. I do admit there are times when the subject of the 'lecture to self' is a reminder of just Who I am doing this for, anyway. The plain truth is that anyone who does church work expecting appreciation from peers probably won't last long. I almost think that's a divine test...a motive check. But, just like everyone who can change a diaper isn't called to work in the nursery, not everyone who can thread a needle is called to sew costumes/baptism robes/etc for church. Everyone has their own 'post on the wall' to fill. Sewing just happens to be mine...at least for now. ;)