Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's Cream

I looked at the Queue, and decided to take care of the tedious and the least appealing first. So the cream thread...which is being used to make tiered skirts for me and younger now in the serger, and I've been gathering. And gathering. No, it's not *difficult*, just tedious.

And thread consuming. I think I'll need to get more when I go out today and do the errands I didn't do yesterday.

But, those tiers are bias-cut, so once those skirts are done my 'yardage out' number will jump up a bit.

However, I didn't use a pattern for these...just arithmetic. I know what I cut seemed fairly straightforward and obvious to me when I was chopping; now...I'm looking at those pieces thinking things like 'why did I cut five of this size?'

I think I've learned to make notes for myself.

But I may be too late, wardrobe-wise. Summer's finally on the wane; the temps have just dropped below 90...I think I can turn the AC off and open windows today. But then I'll have to deal with the results of not having opened the windows for AGES....

Can you believe that beastie built that web in LESS THAN ONE DAY? It wasn't there when DD got home from school yesterday, but it was there last night! Eww!

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