Monday, September 03, 2007

Green Jacket Shell

It still needs the hems catch-stitched up and thorough pressing, but it's done! Very interesting fabric...I got it from the upholstery fabric remnant table at Hancock's and it already had some sort of icky black interfacing on it. It's very light weight, but quite stiff and lofty. What looks like puckery wrinkles on the sleeve cap really aren't...there are no puckers; it's just the stiffness of the fabric not draping well; I hope between a good pressing and addition of shoulder pads that will go away. The interfacing is sticky, so beyond basic fit I can't tell much about how it will hang on my body until I get the lining in.

But I've got a Bible costume to sew up first, then the lining. ;)


  1. I love shopping those remnants! I usually avoid those with the interfacing cause I'm clueless as to how I'd care for it. Are going to wash it?? Dry clean? Cute jacket, btw!

  2. Since I have no idea of the fiber content (I suspect rayon is at least a goodly portion, but there's probably a fair amount of polyester, too, since it's so stiffish), I'll be dry cleaning this jacket.

    It was 50% off when I bought it; this is a cheap-o jacket to test the pattern out. (I'm looking for a really good armsceye/sleeve combo I can morph onto other patterns). So, if I wear it a couple of times and it disintegrates at the cleaners, well, I won't be horribly disappointed....