Friday, September 28, 2007

Good Enough (for the closet)

So I finished out My Sweet Baboo's shirt to the buttonholes/buttons yesterday, and decided I'd ask him if he'd wear it.

I showed it to him and gave him the challenge "Is the boo-boo obvious to you?"

First he said, "There's no buttons."

Well, yeah, ignore that. I'll put the buttons on while DS2 is at the dentist Monday.

"Um, the sleeves are huge..."

Yes, honey, it's a relaxed fit style. Same size as the mini-check one I made for you to wear in choir.

Well, he didn't spot it. Still didn't think it amounted to much after I pointed it out to him. So I guess it's good enough.

Then he rather sheepishly admitted that he's come to prefer to wear knit polo shirts instead of button-ups; "They stretch when I move and don't get rumpled."

OK. Well, I guess my stash of shirting cotton from Michael will now be available for me ;).

Dunno how much sewing I'll get done this weekend; it's Big Spring Jam weekend in the Rocket City, and this year our church is the sponsor for the Christian Music Stage. My Sweet Baboo and I are scheduled to work in the autograph/meet and greet tent first shift this afternoon and closing shift tomorrow night. Basically that means we keep the crowd in line and hold the caps for the sharpies (tip: If you want your pen back, pull the cap off, keep the cap and hand the pen to the artist. After the autograph session's over, they'll realize they don't have the cap and hand it back to you instead of absentmindedly sticking it in a pocket. That way, the sharpies will remain for the next set of autographs... ;) ).


  1. That's too bad! I know you spent time and effort on that shirt! At least there's a small silver lining - you do get the fabric to yourself.

  2. Yeah, well, that's what he *said*...truth is, this (nice, soft cotton) shirt is a replacement for a soft cotton madras shirt that he's worn out, but continues to I bet it'll get worn, unless that boo-boo I pointed out to him becomes obvious to him now ;)