Friday, September 14, 2007

Free Patterns

Did you know there are free patterns on the 'net????
One is a conventional pattern... Vogue Patterns Online is offering a free pattern to anyone who visits their website. It says it is a 'limited time offer', but there is no indication of how 'limited' the time is. There are some can't use that offer to get a free designer pattern, or a free OOP pattern,etc., but, hey, it's a free pattern. You only have to pay shipping. I haven't ordered one...yet...

The other freebie is a little different. Burda Mode has a website in which they offer downloadable can either download a file that you can take to your local Kinko's and have printed, or you can print the patterns off on your printer at home and tape/glue them together. And did I mention it's free? You do have to sign up and sign in,'s free. I downloaded and printed this very nice basic pants/shorts pattern. Of course, it's still just a pile of paper sitting on the corner of the computer desk, but I'm promising myself some pattern-working time tomorrow so I hope to get it taped together and a clean copy of it in my size combo (44 in the waist, 42 everywhere else, shortened considerably) traced off.

I want to have about 4 patterns ready to go when I get close to the end of the Current Queue...


  1. Alright. I ordered up a free pattern - the catch is you still have to pay for shipping. It was $3.00 for shipping to the US, not sure what it would be for international. Still that's better than you'd do on sale at Jo-Ann's for the tremendous price of $4.99 per pattern!

  2. Thanks Lisa!

    The freebie patterns are a great way to keep our hobby affordable! We still end up supporting the pattern companies with the one's we buy. The best part is the fun of looking!

  3. I got mine! It was worth the $3 for shipping, IMO. I hope I like the pattern when it arrives!