Friday, September 01, 2006

Time Flies

Aiieeeeee!! How can it be September already! I'm still -- no joke -- writing 'March' on checks.

So much for the fresh summer sewing I wanted to do...the white linen bias skirt, the Duro dress, the pink print skirt...

Ah, well, there will always be next year ;)

But my fall sewing plans may change; the announcement came this week that choir colors have reverted to our previous fall rotation. The khaki/pink combo which was on the schedule for September has been replaced by the first combo of last fall's and slate blue (the basis of my SWAP, actually). So the pink tweed jacket's priority has just plummeted. But, I'm good on black/blue so I won't be frantically sewing to catch up. The problem is...I don't remember what the rest of the schedule was. I'm, burgundy/black in November, red/black in December, black/white in January, blue/black again in February. I think. I can't remember what October was. And I'm still half expecting either October or November to get replaced with brown/teal.

But, in any case, this is the third year for that rotation so the wardrobe is getting established now. So I will have a little time to sew 'just for pleasure' between costuming, anyway. So I'll get the pink jacket and the brown suit...and probably another jacket to test the suit jacket pattern...maybe I'll even get the InTHETrenches set made before the 2007 Atlanta Expo ;).

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  1. OK. I'll be waiting to see your In The Trenches. At the rate time flies, Expo will be here before I finish typing my comment. ;-)