Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Shopping with the guys

I met DD and 4 of the guys from HMC who still needed costumes at the dollar table at the local Wally World today...yes, we managed to get fabric for all of them, plus another guy who didn't come. It was quite an interesting experience. Three of the guys are from Iceland, so explaining that they needed to get 4 yards of fabric was kind of complicated...they didn't have a mental image of 'yard' so they thought I was telling them to buy four garden's worth :D Once I explained that a yard was a little bit shorter than a meter they were ok. So we dug through the (three-tiered) dollar table and had some interesting discussions about fabric colors and what goes together and what doesn't...anyway, I think they were all reasonably pleased with what they picked out.
So -- we'll have 6 robes to cut out tomorrow; if you add that to the 7 robes that are spread out amongst me, Miss A and Miss M, we've still got a stack of sewing to do...but one cutting day and three dedicated sewing days at church and we *should* get them done. I hope ;)

Somehow, six yards of a drapey, steel blue slinky-type knit followed me home...

Scrooge auditions went well last night; I expect to be cast as a Bird (one of the unpleasant thieving charwomen), which is ok; the Birds are pretty much the comic relief in the Angel of Christmas Yet to Come scene, so it will be fun to do. I don't know if I managed to 'sell' the revised script or not...time will tell on that.

But, if my observations at the audtions are to be trusted, I'm thinking we'll need about 3 new costumes, as the people who played those roles last year are quite differently shaped than the ones who will be playing them this year. But I may be casting ahead of the directors...

In any case, the cast list should be up soon...I don't know if they're going to do callbacks or not.

First, the Bible costumes...

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  1. Now I'm ashamed to admit that I got kind of whiney when I had to make 4 of the same costume last year! I thought I'd never get finished.

    I hope you get a good part!