Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I'm still processing everything I heard over the weekend at the women's conference; I needed that shift of focus more than I realized. Fret not if my daily posting isn't up first thing in the morning; I need to do some revamping of the personal schedule so I (hopefully) won't get caught in the blogsphere quite so easily. I'd been logging on to update the blog and losing myself for a couple of hours....not real productive. So, to better use the mornings and preserve evenings for family time, it looks like the best time to update the blog will be noonish...around lunch. According to Sitemeter, most of my vistors come by in the evening anyway. Not sure how that's going to work when I'm gone at noon...I'll probably post when I come home in the midafternoon. It'll be there...eventually ;).

I have finished all the costumes for specific kids that I had cut out; I cut out DS's costume last night, which was a good trick as the pattern pieces for the robe were longer than my table. I'll need black thread in the serger for his vest; that'll give me a good lead into the black mourning robes that are cut out and waiting to be made for the program to keep. We're cutting out again on Thursday...if everyone who has asked for a costume so far brings me fabric, we'll have 12 more to cut.

That's do-able in a day, with a little help. Miss A is coming; not sure about anyone else. But just having one person to hold down one end of the fabric while I tug and straighten the other end is a huge help.

Note to self: change the blade in the rotary cutter before Thursday... ;)

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