Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Frog Stitching (Rip it...)

Maybe I shouldn't joke that I can sew Bible costumes in my sleep?

It *was* a late night last night...DH works in a program for some boys from a low-income neighborhood on Tuesdays, so he tends to be out late, and DD had a boatload of homework; anyway, it was a late evening and a short night. I thought I'd do a little work this morning before I headed out at 9:20 to teach Bible study (we're doing John, Gospel of, this school year), so I picked up DS's vest to finish off the front edges. I sewed all of one side and half of the other before I noticed that I'd folded the fabric towards the right side.

I had just enough time to rip it all out before I left.

Now I'm off to do it right...I hope!

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