Friday, September 15, 2006

A Dickens of a Pattern

Shannon Gifford's newsletter, from Sensible Sewing, arrived in my inbox this morning. I've only had time to glance at it so far, but on the next to last page she shows the line drawing of Burda 7986. I gasped when I saw it...a Dickens Frock Coat for ladies! Being cutaway, it's probably not exactly what the gents wore in Chuck's day, but the back view is awfully close to it. The vest/sleveless blouse is kinda cool, too...I think I'm going to have to invest in this one, just for fun. ;).

As a side note, the 'what will I do with this' lime green boucle from the Fabric Mart bundle has found a new home...Miss A will use it to test a pattern that she's earmarked for some silk tweed. The color will suit her much better, and that moved 5 1/8 yards out of the stash...I'm determined to make Fabric Parity this year.


  1. The coat is great! The vest really has my interest, though, I like the detail on the front.

  2. I'd like to put the link to Burda's site, but I lost my bookmark for it and I'm going to have to run it down. Still, you can get the idea from the line drawing. I think it'd be fun for a holiday suit.

    No retail sources for Burda locally; I'm either going to have to make a trip to the JoAnn's in Nashville, get my mom to pick it up for me at JoAnn's in Indianapolis, or order it off the 'net...