Thursday, September 14, 2006

Cutting again

Tuesday night, DD #1 called me. She's in the third year of Master's commission, which makes her one of the group leaders. Part of her assignment for the first two weeks was to get all the first and second year guys from Iceland together and take them fabric shopping for their costumes. So that explains why she started the conversation with, "Mom, can you do another cutting day next week?"

Turns out the group has been so busy since their planes landed they haven't had a chance to go shopping. "It's almost 8:30, we've still got to pack and we leave at 8 AM tomorrow" (HMC is currently in inner city Atlanta, doing both ministry and light construction at Rescue Atlanta).

So, our big major cutting day turned out not so major. We cut out costumes from the two students who had brought fabric and we cut out the satin heavenly robes. 6 total.

Miss A and I finished in time to 'do lunch.'

I guess we'll cut again next week.

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